Document Production
by Thijs

Some of the pictures on google image search have nothing to do with your search topic.
Google apparently believes that the picture above is the best example of Document production that can be found on the web.
For questions about the relevancy of this image please contact supermrE.

Importing an image
To import a Clip Art image click the Insert tab and then then the Clip Art button.

It will come up with this, so you can search for anything you want. You can narrow down the search by collection and data type.

Entering data from existing files
  1. Open Word
  2. Select the “Office” button
  3. Select “Open”
  4. From file type, select “all types”
  5. Select the wanted file, and click “Open”
  6. Use Save as… to save the file as a word-document rather than a text file
Comma seperated values, changing into a table:
  1. Select the text
  2. Click “insert”
  3. Select the table icon, then “convert text to table…”

Wrapping text around images
  1. 1. Select the image
  2. 2. Right-click it, and select “Text Wrapping”
You will get a sub-menu with the layout options. Useful ones include:
  1. 1. In Line with Text
This places the image as an in-line graphic and is treated as a text character within a line of text. It will move with the text surrounding it if new text is inserted or deleted.
  1. 2. Square
This places the image on the page and the text wraps (flows) around it. Use “More Layout Options” to specify the type of wrapping that you require.
  1. 3. Tight
This places the image on the page and the text wraps (flows) around it, like “Square”, but you cannot control the distance of the text from the image for the top and bottom settings, although you can to the left and right, using “More Layout Options”
  1. 4. Behind Text
This places the image behind the text. It can be used to set a background image in a document.
  1. 5. In Front of Text
This places an image over the top of the text.
  1. 6. Top and Bottom
This places the image with the text above and below the image, but not wrapped to the side.
  1. 7. More Layout Options
This can be used to give more options to the selected layout types above.